In 1956, when Robert Elsaesser senior founded ELAG Flexibles, the conventional packaging industry got some serious competition.. a special 2 layered paper, as well as new folding and sealing techniques enable ELAG to produce waterproof bags, that proved to be real competition to cans, to cardboard boxes and other conventional packaging methods.

The flexible bag uses less space, is lighter and uses less energy when produced. The resulting reduction in waste is especially appreciated by the consumer. ELAG's flexible packagings are used all over the world today.

In 1991, ELAG Flexibles, based in Kirchberg (Switzerland), founded the subsidiary ELAG Emballages, which is based in the Alsatian Munster. Production of the airsickness bags started there and up to September the 11th, 2001, ELAG Emballages delivered to more than 150 airlines. After the tragic events of 9/11, the travel industry sustained massive losses. Most airlines suffered and as a result of the need to cut costs, many orders for the airsickness bags were cancelled or deferred. Suddenly, the production facility in Munster faced difficulties due to missing orders.

Something had to happen immediately. A new product segment, that strategically fit ELAG's exising operations, had to be implemented. Robert Elsaesser, who is often travelling on business, recalled seeing a napkin pouch in Italy. This napkin pouch was of poor printing and production quality and did not impress him at all. This relatively unknown product seemed to fit ELAG and Robert Elsaesser acted fast without delay. He knew, ELAG was capable of producing a much better napkin pouch. ELAGPochetta® was born and since then, more and more restaurateurs have adopted the practical and aesthetically beautiful napkin pouch.

Today, millions of napkin pouches are produced in a continuous 3 shift operation. The range has expanded since to 3 different Pochetta, all with the napkin inserted during production. The "Top" and "Lux" models standout with their larger sizes. The smaller "Fit" model is ideal, wherever space is at a premium. Functionality and style are perfectly combined with the napkin pouch. Additional to the already diverse range of standard designs, ELAG also offers customized prints, which leaves guests with a lasting impression.